MRO Americas

April 25-27, 2017
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL

Complimentary Hosted Content

MRO Americas features a number of hosted sessions and product briefings.  These are open to all attendees.  There is no charge to attend these sessions.

Please check back frequently for the most updated list of complimentary sessions and information!

Hosted Conference Sessions

Wednesday, April 26

11:00 am

Sponsored by IBM

Defining the Value of Data

Do you know the “value” of your data? How do you make data actionable and deliver value on it? Are you collecting the right data that is needed for your business and operations? Learn how to define and process the right information into actionable knowledge, getting the most value and intelligence that is critical to a safe and efficient operation.

Product Briefings

Specially selected companies will provide demos and host Q&A sessions, providing you with an in-depth look at products and services that are revolutionizing the MRO industry.

Tuesday, April 25

1:00 pm

Sponsored by Goldratt Consulting

Overhauling MRO Using Theory of Constraints - Presented by Goldratt Consulting
Dr. Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints offers simple yet powerful techniques to dramatically improve speed and throughput – 25+% gains in performance in highly variable MRO environments. Learn how to apply them across all areas of maintenance – line, base, engine, etc. – and see significant results within months.

1:30 pm

Sponsored by FedEx Services

Engines, Wings or Fuel Tanks... Best Practices in Moving Large, Oversized Shipments - Presented by FedEx Services
You are ready to move your product to its final destination – how do you ensure your oversized cargo is safely delivered? Learn best practices to set your shipments up for success and manage these large international and domestic moves to ensure timely delivery.

2:30 pm

Sponsored by Panasonic Avionics

Briefing Presented by Panasonic Avionics

3:00  pm

Sponsored by Capgemini / GE

Briefing Presented by Capgemini / GE

Wednesday, April 26

1:30 pm

Sponsored by Honeywell

Modernizing Maintenance and Inspection with Voice Technology - Presented by Honeywell
Documenting inspection and maintenance checklists is typically inefficient because technicians have to enter their observations as a separate step from the inspection process.  Honeywell Vocollect™ voice technology’s “Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™” combined process helps elevate documentation and compliance to levels never before attainable. Featuring a customer case-study from KBR.

2:00 pm

MRO Optimization: How TAP Reduced Fleet Downtime by >20% -  Presented by Realization
Realization will present the principles of global optimization and how to apply them across the entire maintenance value chain, from line maintenance to supply chain management. TAP M&E will share how they have used these principles to improve fleet availability.

New Session for 2017

These sessions are open to all attendees of MRO Americas

Thursday, April 27

3:20 pm

The Need for AMTs. Growing the Next Generation.

Industry studies predict over 600,000 new aviation maintenance technicians worldwide are needed in the next 20 years just for the commercial transport segment. Cultivation of new mechanics begins early, with critical outreach in K-12 schools followed by adequate capacity in colleges and professional schools to yield service-ready workers. Direct industry involvement in teaching, mentoring, and public service media penetration will be critical. Branding the AMT career.

  • Moderator: Mike Arata, MD Project Engineering, United Airlines
  • Crystal Maguire, Executive Director, Aviation Technician Education Council
  • Mark Thom, Associate Professor, Aeronautical Engineering Technology, Purdue University
  • Mike Walker, Manager, MT Regulatory Approvals & Standards Flight Services Commercial Aviation Services, Boeing