Complimentary Hosted Content

MRO Americas features a number of hosted sessions and product briefings.  These are open to all attendees.  There is no charge to attend these sessions.

Please check back frequently for the most updated list of complimentary sessions and information!

Product and Service Technical Briefings

Join these innovative companies as they bring their A-game to product and technology demos that are sure to leave you wanting more! Ask questions of the experts and learn about solutions you didn't know existed!

Tuesday, April 10

1:00 pm

Presented by
FedEx Aerospace Solutions

Session 126
FedEx Aerospace Solutions

FedEx® Aerospace Solutions gives you one source for transporting the aircraft parts that make your industry work. We bring together expert knowledge in logistics and customs with our own network of FedEx planes, trucks, facilities and partner carriers. With FedEx Aerospace Solutions, the sky is no longer the limit.

Wednesday, April 11

1:30 pm

Presented by
Realization Technologies

Session 127
Real-Time Scheduling to Improve Fleet Availability and Reduce Maintenance Costs Aircraft
MRO operations are under increasing pressure to reduce maintenance based cancellations and reduce maintenance turnaround times, while reducing costs. Two case studies will show how leading MRO operations have used Real-Time Scheduling to achieve these goals, saving hundreds of millions of dollars as a result.

2:00 pm

Presented by

Session 128
Briefing presented by EmpowerMx

2:30 pm

Presented by
Stanley Black & Decker

Session 129
Briefing presented by Stanley Black & Decker