Military Keynote — Maintenance Policy and Programs

  • Wednesday, 04/11/2018: 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
  • Session Number:  107


Within the context of the new National Defense Strategy, the focus of this address will cover our challenges and priorities in working by, with, and through the Services to “move the needle” on readiness by delivering improved Materiel Availability.  Remarks will highlight how we are identifying opportunities for accelerating sustainment improvement by leveraging “big data” analytic tools and machine learning in order to adopt a data-driven, empirically-based approach to reform our maintenance & production operations.  The objective is to communicate the OSD role in shaping enterprise outcomes to improve materiel availability rates and reduce sustainment costs, while integrating horizontally across the seams to enable better use of commercial or industrial best practice frameworks.


    Hon. Robert McMahon

    Assistant Secretary of Defense, Logistics & Materiel Readiness