MRO Capacity & Pricing

  • Wednesday, 04/11/2018: 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Session Number:  114


Discuss and engage with how the industry views MRO’s: Are they a commodity or a business partner? How can awareness be improved around the investment needed to uphold safety and performance as well as attract and retain talent? Assessing the airline/MRO relationship: How can MROs support airlines to reduce cost? How can the airlines ensure the MROs are profitable and not just driven by pricing?  Discuss the challenges of sessional schedules, retaining talent and competitive labor rates.  


    Anthony Spaulding

    Managing Director - MRO Business Development
    United Airlines

    Gavin Simmonds

    Chief Operating Officer
    AJW Group

    Jim Sokol

    President MRO Services
    HAECO Americas
    Session Leader