The Connected Aircraft

  • Thursday, 04/12/2018: 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Session Number:  123


Airlines are upgrading their satellite connectivity by the droves as passengers’ demand and expect better Inflight Entertainment (IFE) and Wi-Fi connectivity. Vendors are pushed to the brink to meet demand and installation deadlines. This represents a retrofit challenge for both installation and certification. At the same time, content providers are making even more options available for the carriers which in turn, push the demand even higher.  We’ll hear from both the connectivity vendors and the content provides on how this is working and where it is headed.


    Capt Mary McMillan

    Vice President, Safety and Operational Services
    Inmarsat Aviation

    Carlos Naufel

    Vice President, Technical Support

    Jeff Luedeke

    Managing Director
    Tronos Aviation Consulting Inc.