• Carroll,  OH
  • United States

Company Description

DELTA H AEROSPACE CERTIFIED OVENS & FURNACES CAN: Eliminate expensive out-sourcing for heat treated parts and save thousands of dollars a week! Give you a competitive edge by having the fastest turn-around time for heat treat parts! Significantly reduce re-work, damaged parts, and warping issues! Provide the latest Heat Technology on Out of Autoclave and Prepreg Composites! Eliminate costly Grounded Aircraft! Return your Investment in as little as two days! DELTA H AEROSPACE is your HEAT TREAT SOLUTION-- providing Aerospace Certified Ovens & Furnaces with Full Training Packages to Aircraft OEMs, MROs, and PART SUPPLIERS everywhere! WE ARE YOUR AMS2750E, NADCAP, ALUMINUM HEAT TREAT, COMPOSITE, OUT OF AUTOCLAVE, AND PREPREG HEAT CURE EXPERTS!