• Medley,  FL
  • United States

Company Description

SKYMOTM is a Manufacturer of Specialty Cleaning and Degreasing Fluids for the Aircraft, Aerospace and Defense Industries. Our current SKYMOTM Advance Aviation Product Line consist in a Precision Degreaser and Cleaner –RTU (SKYMOKLEENTM 737), an Aviation Antimicrobial Surface Cleaner –RTU (SKYMOKLEENTM 626), a PLEXIGLAS and Polycarbonate Cleaner -RTU(SKYMOKLEENTM PAG), an Specialty Cleaner for Hangar Floors-RTU(SKYMOKLEENTM FC1), and an Exterior Aircraft Cleaner Dilution 1:10( SKYMOTM AEROWASHTM). We have continuous product innovation in the pipe line. As part of our on-site Testing and Training program, our application engineers work with your staff to find the most effective solution to your problem. To request samples email sales@skymo.aero