Sustainable Events

As a major organizer of events and exhibitions, Aviation Week, a division of Informa, has the opportunity and responsibility to lead the sustainable development of our industry. Our attendees, exhibitors and colleagues are all clearly telling us that sustainability, socially, economically and environmentally, is somethingthat is no longer a “nice to have” but a necessary part of our success. 

We also have the potential to go further than our responsibility to deliver our events sustainably: we can design our events to provide a place to work in partnership with our customers and inspire the sustainable development of the industries we serve.  For more information on Aviation Week and Informa’s overall commitment to sustainable events click here.

Our three pledges

Inspiring Sustainable Development



Sustainability Initiatives at MRO Americas and MALMS 2022 Dallas, TX


Aviation Week Network is happy to discuss any questions or concerns regarding sustainability at our events.  For further information please contact Jennifer Roberts at [email protected]

Sustainable Content      

  • MRO Americas features several sessions on sustainability throughout the event due to the airline industry’s concerns regarding this subject.  We also focus on obtaining speakers with a diverse background and address DEI issues at the event. For full details see the agenda page.
  • MRO Americas is host to the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) that brings teams, including students together to test their skills against and learn from seasoned veterans.
  • MRO Americas will again feature the A-WING jobfAIR focused on promoting women and diversity in aviation careers
  • The MRO and Nuts and Bolts awards, recognizing excellence in the MRO industry will be presented at MRO Americas

Purposeful Partnership

  • MRO Americas donates the space for the A-WING jobfAIR
  • MRO Americas provides discounted space to the AMC.
  • The MRO Series is partnered with A4A and IATA across all of our MRO event. Both organizations are actively involved in the development of show content.

Sustainability Communications

  • Attendees can find a complete overview of Aviation Week Network’s sustainability policy and initiative on our website as well as links in our attendee brochure and on-site event guide.
  • Our Exhibitor Resource Center includes communications to both exhibitors and key contractors about our sustainability efforts and asking them to make progress on this
  • Our internal team as well as all of our vendors are fully aware of our sustainability initiatives enabling them to engage and contribute to our efforts.

Venue Sustainability Features

  • The KBHCCD provides efficient AC and lighting
  • Our operations team ensures that our venues turn down or off the hall lights in areas with sufficient natural light
  • The KBHCCD utilizes outside air for the HVAC system when the outside air is cooler than the desired space temperature.
  • The KBHCCD’s electric power is supplied from a renewable source, that gives them credits towards a LEED certification.
  • The KBHCCD ensures lights are turned off in unused areas and overnight
  • The venue switches off any AV system or equipment used onsite when not in use
  • A/C is turned off during build up days when bay doors are open and temperatures cannot be controlled.
  • Escalators are turned off during low traffic periods


  • 7M gallons per year are saved through xeriscaping, low flow plumbing fixtures, and more energy efficient cooling towers
  • KBHCCD maintenance and housekeeping staffs are trained to detect and report leaks for immediate repairs to conserve water
  • Green Purchases KBHCCD purchases and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, which in turn contribute to cleaner effluent

Green Purchases

  • KBHCCD purchases and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, which in turn contribute to cleaner effluent


  • 100% of the electricity KBHCCD uses is from renewable sources
  • High-speed dock doors mean efficient temperature control inside exhibit halls
  • High efficiency motors were installed throughout the HVAC system replacing old high energy consuming motors


  • KBHCCD offers free recycling collection which helps to offset show and exhibitor costs for garbage collection
  • Nearly 160 tons of paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum are recycled annually
  • More than 7.6 tons of unconsumed food has been donated to local non-profits, serving those in need
  • All used cooking oil is collected for conversion to bio-diesel
  • The KBHCCD catering partner uses compostable utensils for all disposable applications

Minimal Waste

  • Exhibitors are encouraged to use reusable booths
  • Recyclables are collected throughout the venue
  • The venue has cut down on paper towels and interspersed hand dryers in some restrooms
  • Carpet has been eliminated from the exhibition floor and is optional for exhibitors
  • Catering orders are carefully considered to eliminate waste
  • Our badges are made of recyclable material

Sustainable Promotional Items

  • Digital program guides
  • QR codes to generate access to digital content vs printed copies
  • Careful consideration is given to quantities provided to ensure minimal leftovers of items
  • Sustainable lanyards

Sustainable Catering

  • The venue participates in the good neighbor program. Leftover food is donated to local homeless shelters. The Stew Pot being one of them
  • Disposable ware is either biodegradable or recyclable
  • Centerplate uses local venders for bread, cheese and honey just to name a few.
  • Careful consideration is given to quantities provided to ensure minimal leftovers of items

Supporting the Local/Host Community

  • Attendees are encouraged to stay at nearby hotels reducing congestion and traffic.
  • MRO Americas works with the local tourism board to promote nearby attractions, including recommending venues for exhibitor parties and functions.
  • We work with local schools and training centers to encourage participation in the event and enthusiasm for the aviation industry.

Enhancing Wellbeing and DEI

  • Attendees and exhibitors are provided with a Code of Conduct which includes things like diversity, appropriate dress, anti-discrimination rules etc
  • Our content team is dedicated to ensuring diversity of speaking panels, promoting diversity in the industry and presenting a range of views
  • Discounted or free tickets, or even subsidized travel, are provided to certain groups who couldn’t afford to access the event without that support including students.
  • Water refill stations are available at the event, not just during opening hours but for contractors during build and breakdown
  • We provide menu options for healthy food, or people with specific dietary requirements, at the event
  • Members of the event team have successfully completed Informa’s Modern Slavery awareness training and cascaded this to other team members
  • There is a dedicated space for nursing mothers
  • A prayer or contemplation room is provided at the event or venue

Operating Safely

  • Review Health & Safety commitments of the venue
  • Draft emergency planning
  • Consider all aspects of Safety Behavior (housekeeping, rigging, loading areas, electrical systems, permit to work etc.)
  • Review all Floor Plan Safety criteria such as the width and position of each aisle
  • Make a plan for onsite crowd management
  • For stand designs to be submitted and reviewed
  • Risk assessments and Method Statements to be provided prior to the build
  • Safety brief to be available for anyone coming onsite

Sustainability Tips for Exhibitors

Follow these tips to make sure your sustainable booth strategies are cost-neutral or even cost-saving! Leave an impact on the show floor, not the environment.

BEFORE THE SHOW — Booth Structure

  • Option 1: Multiple Use Use Forest Sustainable Certified (FSC) wood to build your booth and crates. Get creative! Design your booth with a small shipping footprint to minimize carbon emissions. 
  • Option 2 Rent locally from  local suppliers to reduce both shipping costs and carbon emissions. 


  • Option 1 Rent rather than buy carpet to save on shipping, cleaning, and storage. Rent carpet or floor coverings that can be reused at least four times.
  • Option 2 Color Use darker-colored carpet, which is easier to reuse and recycle. 


  • Online + before deadline = better bottom line. Take advantage of early-bird pricing and consolidate shipping when ordering supplies.
  • Choose reusable shipping padding. Avoid packing peanuts and foam plastic materials that never decompose.


  • Option 1 Multiple Use Print on a durable substrate without dates, event names, or locations.
  • Option 2 One-time Use Print on 100 percent recyclable materials which are just as cost-effective as PVC. 


  • Reduce printing and go digital with your booth literature.
  • Print locally. Supporting local businesses while reducing shipping? It’s a win-win.
  • Print on at least 50 percent post-consumer recycled paper. 

ON  SITE - Save Energy

  • Use Energy Star-rated equipment for audio-visual equipment and monitors.
  • Power down. Turn off equipment at the end of each day.
  • Light up your booth with CFLs, LEDs, or other energy- efficient lighting.


  • Educate your installation and dismantling teams about recycling and donation processes.


  • Pack in, pack out. Leave no traces on show site.


  • Remember to label. Clearly label recyclable leftover material for disposal.
  • Donate the rest. Ask about local donation programs.


Furniture: Purchased items
Home furnishing: Décor staging materials
Unused raw materials: Plywood, subflooring, non-laminate wood
Flooring: 100 square feet of flooring. Excludes carpet.
Left over giveaways: Pens, pads of paper, sunglasses, USBs, etc., left over in your promotional giveaway


Cardboard: Used for signs or shipping boxes
Glass: Green, brown, clear
Plastics: Shrink-wrap or plastic banding used to secure shipments; water/soda bottles; plexiglass (acrylics) clear, smoked, or tinted; Visqueen used to protect flooring
Metal: Aluminum cans/ steel banding
Paper: Fliers, brochures, programs, tickets, office paper, newspaper, magazines, paperboard
Wood: Non-laminate wood