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Start-Ups Stand Up for Innovation 
‘Powered by Starburst. Focused on Technology and Industry Revolution’

Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m
Location: Rm B206
Session #: 121

In these innovation lightning talks, start-ups looking to change and stimulate the industry will get ten minutes only to pitch their products and solutions to MRO Americas attendees. We will have a live judging panel of industry experts who will join you in listening to these entrepreneurs make exciting presentations on what they believe will invigorate the industry in this emerging technology session.

Led by Starburst Accelerator, this session seeks to show you the best of what is out there and give you renewed passion for, and insight into the future of the industry with comments and feedback from our industry experts.

Participating Companies

Sensatek Propulsion Technology
Predictive Maintenance for Turbines
Patented wireless sensor capable of monitoring temperature, pressure, and strain in high-stress environments such as turbines, rockets, and fuel-cells. 

Rufus Labs
Wearable Productivity Tools for Industry Workers  Ruggedized, touchscreen wearable with 12-hour battery, hands-free communication tools, physio-metricdata collection, location based assignments, and alerts & safety checks.–

Diagnostics of Wired InfrastructureTools and solutions capable of monitoring cable networks and detecting possible connection malfunctions. Reduces the impact of electrical failures, increasing productivity and decreasingaircraft downtime.

Blockchain based Encryption ServicesReliable, scalable, and secure deployments of cloud based blockchain networks for encryption services, maintenance and automation of supply-chain management

UAV Based Aircraft InspectionSafe and reliable drone operations for aerial aircraft inspection, capable of flying in GPS-denied and spoofed environments