April 9-11, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

What's New

Get in the Game

The MRO Americas team has launched an interactive gaming experience! Collect all 3 puzzle pieces, be one of the first 175 people to bring them to the Aviation Week booth from 3-4pm on Wednesday at MRO Americas and win fun prizes. Be 1 of the first 25 for extra rewards! 

Hint- did you get an MRO mailer?  Pieces 1,2 & 3 were mailed in February!

Are you an AWST/Inside MRO subscriber?  Check your March 11 issue!

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Conference Highlights

Join the Technology & Industry Revolution

Start-Ups Stand Up for Innovation
Included with your Premium Admission or can be purchased as an Individual Session.

Start-Ups Stand Up for Innovation 
‘Powered by Starburst. Focused on Technology and Industry Revolution’

Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m
Location: Rm B206
Session #: 121

In these innovation lightning talks, start-ups looking to change and stimulate the industry will get ten minutes only to pitch their products and solutions to MRO Americas attendees. We will have a live judging panel of industry experts who will join you in listening to these entrepreneurs make exciting presentations on what they believe will invigorate the industry in this emerging technology session.

Led by Starburst Accelerator, this session seeks to show you the best of what is out there and give you renewed passion for, and insight into the future of the industry with comments and feedback from our industry experts.

Participating Companies

AerinX will be presenting their cutting edge solution that revolutionizes the way skin inspection is carried out for airplanes. Presented by Bence Kiss

ARIS Technology
ARIS Technology will discuss how their robotic 3D scanning automation can improve productivity of MRO inspection (beyond manufacturing quality control).
Presented by Mingu Kang, ARIS Technology

Authenticiti will demonstrate a blockchain-based application for asset-tracking built in collaboration with an aerospace manufacturer.

Luftronix will present their UAV-based scanning solutions for inspecting commercial aircraft. Luftronix UAVs fly fully autonomous with high precision in non-GPS conditions, and the images collected during scans are sufficient for both GVI and DVI.  Presented by Klaus Sonnenleiter

Rufus Labs
Rufus merges humans and automation with their industrial wearable platform, improving productivity and safety across aviation and aerospace operations. Presented by Gabe Grifoni, CEO, Rufus Labs 

Sensatek Propulsion Technology
Sensatek will show you how next generation battery-free sensors increase gas turbine engine time-on-wing while yielding greater fuel economy.

Titan Robotics
Titan Robotics will discuss how their aircraft laser coating removal technology is improving USAF/DoD corrosion control operations and how the technology enables other aerospace automation applications. - Presented by Mr. Stuart Lawrence CEO of Titan Robotics, Inc.

White Whale Analytics
White Whale Analytics will discuss their algorithmic approach and their latest product developments in avionics predictive maintenance. Presented by Peter Guo, Partner, Head of Algorithms, White Whale Analytics

Wilder Systems
Wilder Systems will show how Agile Manufacturing Robot (AMR) can be deployed to reduce touch labor over 90% in heavy MRO applications by automatically drilling out rivets during fuselage panel replacement for both defense and commercial customers.

WiN MS will present their unique product suite that offers provides fast and accurate wiring diagnostics for aircrafts. Presented by Simon Plard