April 9-11, 2024 
Chicago, IL, USA


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Sustainable Events

As a major organizer of events and exhibitions, Aviation Week, a division of Informa, has the opportunity and responsibility to lead the sustainable development of our industry. Our attendees, exhibitors and colleagues are all clearly telling us that sustainability, socially, economically and environmentally, is something that is no longer a “nice to have” but a necessary part of our success. 

We also have the potential to go further than our responsibility to deliver our events sustainably: we can design our events to provide a place to work in partnership with our customers and inspire the sustainable development of the industries we serve.  For more information on Aviation Week and Informa’s overall commitment to sustainable events click here.

Our three pledges

Inspiring Sustainable Development



Sustainability Initiatives at MRO Americas



  • Aviation Week Network is happy to discuss any questions or concerns regarding sustainability at our events.  For further information please contact Jennifer Roberts at [email protected]

Purposeful Partnership

Airlink, is a global humanitarian organization delivering critical aid to communities in crisis by providing airlift and logistical solutions to nonprofit (NGO) partners, changing the way the humanitarian community responds to disasters around the world.

Leveraging the power and speed of aviation, Airlink is the industry’s disaster/humanitarian crisis response organization. Delivering the right aid at the right time is made possible with the help of Airlink’s 50+ airline and logistics partners and industry supporters.   

Airlink's expertise in disaster logistics, and our strong connections and partnerships across the aviation and freight forwarding sectors, fill critical knowledge gaps within many NGOs. By funding transport costs Airlink allows NGOs to devote resources to service delivery and procuring more aid. This expands the amount and range of assistance available to people post-disaster and supports long-term recovery efforts.

Airlink’s Current Responses Include:·      

  • Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes·      
  • Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis·      
  • Haiti Complex Crisis·      
  • Drought in the Greater Horn of Africa
Visit the Airlink team at booth #4161 in the Sustainability Pavilion to learn more about aviation's role in humanitarian response and how Airlink reflects your corporate ESG and CSR goals, and your personal charitable giving interests.
Airlink is a proud purposeful partner of the Aviation Week Network.

Aviation Week Network/Informa is excited to be partnering with the Diversity Org (DO).

Diversity Org recognizes that statistically, low-income students choose college majors that lead to lower paying careers, and they also graduate less often, thus perpetuating a cycle of economic disparity. By partnering with companies like Aviation Week/Informa, they produce events that expose students to large corporations where they engage in professional development workshops. They also help students obtain internships to help companies acquire diverse and qualified interns.

Informa tweaked the recipe: By engaging with DO to bring these students to MRO Americas  we have the unique opportunity to introduce them to our industry and showcase the exciting opportunities that careers in aviation and commercial MRO provide.  As an industry that is always looking to the future and for the next generation of workforce we are excited to help customers and communities seeking more workforce diversity and economic equity come together . Through interactive panel workshops that are high-energy including Q&A, and networking Aviation Week’s MRO Americas and the Diversity Org will expose these students to higher earning jobs and help them discover their most suitable careers.


What this means to you at MRO Americas.
We welcomed approximately 30 students from Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University.  We are excited to announce that one of the students was offered an internship while touring the exhibiting companies! We thank our Exhibitors/Sponsors/Customers, for showcasing what you do on a daily basis to keep airlines in the air, and encouraging the interest of a future generation of engineers, mechanics, business leaders and all around work-force in MRO!!

  • 100% of surveyed students said workshops with The Diversity Org and Informa Markets + their partner companies motivate them to perform better academically based on their understanding of the companies they can work for
  • 100% of surveyed students said that this workshop taught them about careers they didn't know about before100% of surveyed students said this workshop motivated them to think more seriously about their career options
  • 100% of surveyed students stated this workshop motivated them to go to college/university based on their understanding of different career paths from this workshop
  • 100% of surveyed students stated this workshop motivated them to build connections and network with professionals

From inception Aviation Week Network has supported the non-profit Aviation Women Inspiring Next Generation (a.k.a. A-WING) both in concept and mission to increase the number of women throughout the aviation, space, and defense industry.  During the pandemic, we officially became the media partner as A-WING set lofty goals of creating a space for industry employers to meet with students, the unemployed, and jobseekers of all walks of life.  We are proud to have A-WING host the annual A-WING jobfAIR at MRO America.