MRO Americas is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC

April 8-10, 2025 
Atlanta, GA, USA

Better Stands

Informa, Aviation Week Network’s parent company, is encouraging all exhibitors and their contractors to join us in not using disposable stands at events.

The goal and objective is to:

  • Move away from disposable stands altogether
  • Provide better quality – better safety – better experience
  • Build a sustainable future for the events industry

Disposable stands are used only once and create considerable environmental, health and safety issues onsite.

Disposable stands generate substantial amounts of waste and employ higher risk construction practices.

There is a need for stands, constructed safely, which can be reused at future events ensuring safer, smoother builds and contributing to our target of having the amount of waste generated.

We recommend that exhibitors liaise with your contractors on the design and build of a stand to ensure that it will be reusable.

How does this benefit YOU?

  • Ensure smoother, more predictable and stress-free build and breakdown
  • Remove the need for late working access and cost
  • Reduce the cost of design and construction
  • Create a sustainable environment