Please be vigilant if approached by any company or service other than Aviation Week Network’s Official Housing Partner (onPeak), that implies or claims to be a housing provider for MRO Americas. onPeak is the only Official Hotel Partner for MRO Americas. We are aware that other housing companies or travel agencies may contact you or your company to book your guest rooms through them. MRO Americas does not have any affiliation with these organizations and cannot endorse their services in any way. Entering into financial agreements with non-endorsed companies can potentially cost you thousands of dollars with no guarantee of an actual hotel reservation. Reservations through these agencies or companies are made at your own risk and responsibility.

PLEASE NOTE: VIP DMC is NOT affiliated with MRO Americas 

Official Hotels

Official Hotels

In partnership with onPeak, we have secured discounted rates at a selection of Orlando hotels. We know plans change, so to help ease your travel planning, onPeak, the only official hotel provider for Aviation Week MRO Americas 2021, offers convenient hotel options with flexible change and cancellation policies. We encourage you to book through them early for the best selection and price.

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Rates shown above are the lowest available nightly rates for the night of 04/27/2021.

Exclusive hotel rates expire starting March 17, 2020

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Group Reservations

Easily manage hotel reservations with onPeak's group tools.


Plans change. onPeak lets you make adjustments without penalty.

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We comparison shop to ensure our rates remain the lowest.

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Get credit for your hotel loyalty program.

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Ease your commitment — book now, pay later.


We're here for you before, during, and after the event.

Important Reminder

onPeak is the only hotel provider endorsed by Aviation Week MRO Americas 2021. If you are contacted by other third-party companies offering hotel assistance, please be aware they are not endorsed by our event. Entering into financial agreements with these companies can have costly consequences and are not protected by event management.