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April 9-11, 2024 
Chicago, IL, USA

GoLive! Theater

The Go Live! Theater at MRO Americas 2024 will feature innovative content, case studies, and interviews in the center of all the action – right on the exhibition show floor!

Short-format sessions cover the hottest industry topics and trends.

Day 1- Tuesday April 9, 2024


Theme: Workforce and Training


The New Generation of Employees: Training Schools

In this conversation between professors, we will explore how we can secure a new gen-z workforce. What new methods can industry implement into training processes to spark interest and enthusiasm?

  • Tracy L. Yother Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Purdue University 
  • Timothy D. Ropp Ph.D, Professor of Practice – Aeronautical Engineering Technology, Purdue University


Fireside Chat: The Shortage of Labor Post-Pandemic

How are companies meeting the high workforce demand in Illinois following the pandemic alongside efforts such as the establishment of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in 2021? This session will focus specifically on aviation maintenance technicians.

  • Moderator: Lindsay Bjerregaard, Managing Editor MRO, Aviation Week Network
  • Joel English, Executive Vice President, Aviation Institute of Maintenance 
  • Anthony Sanzone, Director, Strategic Sales - Transportation | Aerospace & Aviation, Aerotek, Inc.


Theme: MALMS


Addressing Today’s Planning Challenges with Tomorrow’s Tools

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence atop a Big Data analytics platform are providing exciting opportunities to improve forecast accuracy, new part introduction, inventory positioning and even self-correcting planning models.  This session will share the concepts and sample use cases transforming the future of MRO inventory optimization.

  • Ed Wodarski, Service Parts Domain Expert, PTC Servigistics 
  • Dr. Sanjay Jagdale, Principal Architect, PTC Servigistics


Theme: Innovation – Digital, AI and Robotics


Hosted Session by Trax

Mobilizing Maintenance with Trax eMRO® & eMobilitySM Apps

Digital transformation and creation of a paperless maintenance environment is at the heart of what TraxSM software provides its clients. Join Trax and its customers to hear their success stories in implementing the web-based comprehensive fleet management software and the suite of intuitive role-based eMobilitySM apps. Our customers will illustrate how their users work from anywhere with their mobile devices and benefit from real-time up-to-date information.

  • Moderator: Andrew Schmidt, Senior Vice President, AAR Digital Services and Executive Vice President, Trax
  • James Homeniuk, Manager Digital Platform Support, Technical Operations, WestJet Airlines
  • Summer Spivey, Manager Corp Pubs & Ops Excellence, Breeze Airways
  • Shawn Stazzone, Senior Manager, Maintenance Technology, Spirit Airlines
  • Kevin Donaldson, Manager, ACM Business Applications, Air Canada


Hosted by Airbus

The next step in the Technical Operations digital transformation: Skywise Fleet Performance +

Discover a fully integrated solution that brings together maintenance control center operators, reliability engineers and fleet managers around a single source of information. Taking the right actions, based on the right information before defects even occur is now possible in a single tool.

Join the early adopters of Skywise Fleet Performance + as they share their experience in using the new solution, how it changed their ways of working and what benefits they have seen already.

  • Moderator: Richard Brown, Managing Director, NAVEO Consultancy
  • Brice Gherpelli, Digital Services Marketing Manager, Airbus
  • Dustin Ames, Manager, Predictive Technology Engineering, Delta Air Lines
  • Ryan Dantis, Director of Engineering, Allegiant Air
  • Dave Kelly, Manager Qantas Engineering Business Technology and E-Enablement, Qantas Airways




Innovative Digital Practices: How Traceability of Industrial Assets Can Reduce Turnaround Time

A customer success story that will explore how innovation in digital traceability can enhance industrial efficiency and quality

  • Sébastien Mathiot, Senior Manager MRO activities, Airbus Helicopters
  • Camille Markarian, CPO, Nexess Solutions


Hosted by SITA

Achieve more with real-time aircraft data Unlock the power of data!

Share your data with security so you can say goodbye to disruptions and reduce maintenance costs. Don't miss out—join this session to learn more

  • Dominic Hickey, Product Manager, SITA



Panel Discussion: AI and Machine Learning

How can AI and Machine Learning improve operational reliability and efficiency? How can we employ AI for automated parts-buying? What new ways can we incorporate it into existing processes?

  • Moderator: Nehal Reddy, Partner and Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Chuck Davis, IETMs Subject Matter Expert, Data Conversion Laboratory
  • Rafi Wadan, Co-Founder and CEO, Stargazr
  • Andre Fischer, CEO, flydocs


Hosted by Pelico

Navigating Supply chain uncertainty: Leveraging data and enhanced collaboration for MRO Operations Excellence

Discover how a leading aerospace player leveraged data and embarked on a digital transformation journey to fuel its MRO factory operations with agility amidst constantly changing variables: early anticipation of bottlenecks, identification of prioritized corrective actions, streamlined collaboration across teams and simulation of alternative repair plans.

  • Tarik Benabdallah, Founder and CEO, Pelico


Hosted by Waygate Technologies

The Future of MRO Inspections: Introducing the Mentor Visual iQ+

Inspect in high definition, simultaneously record and capture HD images, generate 3D representations of the asset and perform accurate measurements, stitch images to remove uncertainty from large scale measurements scenes, count blades, analyze the scene for defects, control blade rotation, stream video share data with iOS or Android smart devices, embody voice commands and stream all inspection data to the cloud for backup and subsequent analysis ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

  • Dean Rheaume, Aerospace Key Account Manager, Waygate Technologies


Hosted by Boeing

Cabin of the Future

Boeing continues to meet the evolving needs of operators and passengers through innovative cabin interior solutions. In this session, Boeing will unpack luggage trends and highlight its popular 737 Space Bins solution.

  • Carter Veasy, Senior Marketing Manager – Commercial Modifications, Boeing Global Services


Hosted by Lufthansa AG

How Lufthansa Technik’s digital TechOps ecosystem creates value for airlines and MROs on their digital journey

Short overview of the value proposition the digital TechOps ecosystem delivers for airlines and MROs independent from aircraft type throughout the value chain of technical operations. This includes seamless use cases for direct impact by combining AMOS, AVIATAR and Flydocs solutions in the operator’s digital journey to unlock new potentials and generate direct impact.

  • Arne Schlossmacher – Head of Sales & Customer Development Digital Fleet Services Americas

Day 2- Wednesday April 10, 2024


Theme: Supply Chain and New Parts


Live! KPI Session from Aviation Week Network

A dive into what is happening in the industry, where we have come from, and what we've all been through to where we are today, using an array of Aviation Week's data offerings.

  • Daniel Williams, Senior Manager Fleet, Flight & Forecast Data, Aviation Week Network


Hosted Session by Epiphany Inc. 

Supply Chain: Connect the Chain

With Supply Chain there can be so many chains holding you down.  With Connect X, we connect the chains with the extensions you need to help you breath and handle your Supply Chain needs without the administrative burden.  Come see us for a fresh new perspective.

  • Brenda Brinkley Wanta, CEO, Epiphany Solutions Inc
  • Ryan Gregory Seifert, co-CEO, Epiphany Solutions
  • Neil Sparkman, CEO, GoAeroMX


Hosted Session By Airlink

What You Don't Know About the Global Impact of Aviation 

Learn more about the profound ways in which aviation impacts disaster response and humanitarian efforts through Airlink.

  • Sandra Walter, Director of Development, Airlink


15 Minute Break 


Hosted Session by Delta TechOps

Predictive Analytics for Engine Maintenance Cost Control 

Learn how the Delta TechOps team is using analytics to forecast and optimize volumes, inventory and rates to reduce engine maintenance costs.

  • Kristen Seals, General Manager of Engine Maintenance Operations


Hosted Session by HAECO

Sustainability in the International Aviation Supply Chain

 As an end-to-end connector in the supply chain, MROs play a pivotal role in driving the momentum of the industry’s Net Zero goals. Get on board with HAECO as they share the top sustainability priorities for MROs, and how innovation and strategic investments can open opportunities for greater collaboration and impact. 

  • Gerald Steinhoff, Chief Commercial Officer, HAECO


U.S. International Trade Administration – Resources for U.S. Exporters and Aerospace Trade Policy Priorities and Intl Opportunities

  • Luke Yanos, Senior International Trade Specialist, International Trade Administration 
  • MaryLee Pollitt, Business & Industry Specialist, International Trade Administration
  • Ursula Wegrzynowicz, Deputy Managing Director Central Region, Export-Import Bank of the United States




Theme: Building a Better Tomorrow - Insight Into Sustainability and New Developments


Hosted Session by Chromalloy

Chromalloy LifeX Repairs: Significant Savings. Clear Value.

  • Michael Contratto, Engine Platform Leader, Chromalloy


Hosted Session by SetnaiO

Unlocking Profitability: Leveraging the Aftermarket for Aviation Industry Resilience

In a landscape of intensified competition, PE-backed investments, and supply chain difficulties, optimizing profitability and ensuring operational resilience in a dynamic aftermarket is more crucial than ever. Setna iO's CEO, David Chaimovitz, will share insights on the industry's evolving economic state and how Setna iO’s strategic use of the part-out market serves as a catalyst for financial stability and adaptability.

  • David Chaimovitz, Founder and CEO, Setna iO



Aviation Week Network Forecast Focus: Latin America

Aviation Week Network’s data team will walk you through our 10 year Fleet & MRO forecast, with a focus on Latin America. Put together using an array of Aviation Week Network’s data offerings, the forecast proves an independent outlook into the future.

  • Daniel Williams, Senior Manager Fleet, Flight & Forecast Data, Aviation Week Network


Hosted by StandardAero

Delivering Sustainable MRO Operations Through Green Energy Strategies

Learn from StandardAero operations and sustainability leaders to explore smart business strategies that incorporate green energy, community collaboration and operations excellence for success .

  • Brian Skrobarcek, StandardAero Vice President of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability
  • Dave Pearman, Vice President/General Manager of StandardAero Springfield, IL MRO facility, StandardAero


Aviation Week Network Day 2 Wrap-Up

Join the Aviation Week Network editorial and data team for their key thoughts and takeaways from MRO Americas 2024 so far! 

  • Moderator: James Pozzi, MRO Editor EMEA, Aviation Week Network 
  • Sean Broderick, Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network 
  • Lindsay Bjerregaard, Managing Editor, MRO, Aviation Week Network 
  • Daniel Williams, Senior Manager Fleet, Flight & Forecast Data, Aviation Week Network  
  • Lee Ann Shay, Executive Editor MRO and Business Aviation, Aviation Week Network

Day 3 - Thursday, April 11, 2024


Theme: The Cargo Market


Aviation Week Network Forecast Focus: The Cargo Market

Aviation Week Network’s data team will walk you through our 10 year Fleet & MRO forecast, with a focus on the cargo market. Put together using an array of Aviation Week Network’s data offerings, the forecast proves an independent outlook into the future.

  • Daniel Williams, Senior Manager Fleet, Flight & Forecast Data, Aviation Week Network


Session Hosted by HEICO

Case Study: Aerosens 

Aerosens Advances in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology has provided a framework to develop a solution that eliminates the manual challenges in performing accurate, repetitive, mandatory safety and security inspections of aircraft cabin. HEICO and Aerosens have teamed up to harness this technology. Come learn more about the use of this technology and the cost savings available to airlines as a result.

  • Dennis Scalf, Group Product Manager, HEICO


Fireside Chat: Understanding the State of the Cargo Market

With the recovery of scheduled airline capacity, what are the prospects for dedicated cargo operations and the demand for full freighters?

  • Moderator: Darren Rivas, Global Director, McKinsey & Company - Travel, Logistics, and Infrastructure
  • Brian McCarthy, VP Sales and Marketing, Mammoth Freighters


End of day 3 Go Live! Theater


Exhibition Hall Closes