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April 9-11, 2024 
Chicago, IL, USA


Aviation Women Inspiring Next Generation

From inception, AvWeek has supported the non-profit A-WING (Aviation Women Inspiring Next Generation) both in concept and mission to increase the number of women throughout the aviation, space, and defense industry.  During the pandemic, they officially became our media partner as A-WING set lofty goals of creating a space for industry employers to meet with students, the unemployed, and jobseekers of all walks of life.  We call this space the annual A-WING jobfAIR at MRO America.    We are hosting the jobfAIR both in-person & virtually this year so that we can connect even more employers and applicants!  Contact [email protected] to buy a sponsorship for your company to post your job openings & host an interview table to meet over 150 A&P maintenance students plus many more attendees!  Be sure to ask about our A-WING corporate member discount on sponsorships and jobfAIR tables (LIVE or Virtual).

As we enter our 4th year of hosting this massive event, you will see us throughout the MRO America's show, where you can learn all about A-WING, membership, and pick up some A-WING swag at BOOTH #5380.  Another crowd favorite has been our silent auction This year our auction will be on an app where you can bid to win a virtual meeting with airline & MRO buyers, repair analysts, sourcing, and procurement. 

Just above the AMC competition floor, we have our new 2000 sf jobfAIR rooms (SA2B-SA2C) that overlooks the competition and entire tradeshow floor.  Just a short walk to the top of the stairs/ or ride up a nearby elevator and you will be able to enjoy  an amazing view of Chicago’s skyline!  DON’T FOGET--LIVE interviews will be conducted here by employers who have openings at the time of the event!  AMC Competitors can find us inside, across from, and above the competition floor where we will help them sign-up and direct them to interviews between competition time slots.           

Thanks to the media support of Aviation Week and the need of our industry to find the best person for the job, together we are “putting butts in seats” with the most skilled people from around the globe.  Our A-WING jobfAIR (SA2B-SA2C)  has moved jobseekers from wondering the MRO show floor to a single location where both LIVE and virtual interviews are conducted April 9th &10th just footsteps above the AMC competition floor!.  Herein jobseekers are provided easy access during competition breaks for LIVE interviews with many companies, a chance to share both electronic and paper resumes along with scheduling additional follow-up interviews post show.  Many companies have made on-the-spot job offers to applicants, while others schedule second interviews in line with applicants’ graduation dates.  If applicants are not that far along in your training, you may consider asking about internships or OJT opportunities with any of the more than 20 interviewing companies too.   These companies include MROs, Airlines, and OEMs around the globe.

While we focus on encouraging women and diverse candidates to join us, we do not eliminate anyone from participating.  Together we will bring the needed bow wave of change for women throughout aviation.  All are welcome! 

NOTE: Employers…the time to sign-up for these virtual interview tables is NOW!  Register today to Sponsor and interview LIVE applicants at the  A-WING jobfAIR.  Next, 45 days prior to the show (Feb 22nd, 2024), submit your current job openings to [email protected].  Then, one month before the show (Mar 8th, 2024), our jobfAIR Career Board goes LIVE, and jobseekers can start reviewing all the job openings with all of the companies that will be interviewing in the A-WING jobfAIR.  Once jobfAIR Career Board goes LIVE, jobseekers can then go to this career board and select interview timeslots, and viola; they are ready to conduct as many interviews as they are interested in!   Remember, while our goal is to increase the number of women in our industry, we do not restrict who can interview.  We encourage diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) and seek to bring interested candidates to aviation, space, and defense industry.