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April 9-11, 2024 
Chicago, IL, USA

Diversity Bridge at MRO Americas

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Diversity Org recognizes that statistically, low-income students choose college majors that lead to lower paying careers, and they also graduate less often, thus perpetuating a cycle of economic disparity. By partnering with companies like Aviation Week/Informa, they produce events that expose students to large corporations where they engage in professional development workshops. They also help students obtain internships to help companies acquire diverse and qualified interns.

Aviation Week Network’s MRO Americas will host 50 students from two local high schools:

  • Pritzker College Prep
  • Chicago Bulls College Prep

Student focused content includes:

Career Exposure Panel

  • Helon Hammond, United Airlines VP DEI and Pathways
  • Tammera L. Holmes, Founder & Board Chair, AeroStar Consulting Corporation
  • Doug Parker, Former Chairman and CEO at American Airlines, Co-Founder of Breaking Down Barriers

Career Exposure Panel: Women In Leadership

  • Stacey Rudser, president of the Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance and program manager for United’s Calibrate apprenticeship program
  • Rebecca Wilson, AMC competitor for AIM Chicago’s United-sponsored all-female team
  • Hannah Friedrich, AMC competitor for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Thabo Cele, AMC competitor for Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics

By engaging with DO to bring these students to MRO Americas  we have the unique opportunity to introduce them to our industry and showcase the exciting opportunities that careers in aviation and commercial MRO provide.  As an industry that is always looking to the future and for the next generation of workforce we are excited to help customers and communities seeking more workforce diversity and economic equity come together . Through interactive panel workshops that are high-energy including Q&A, and networking Aviation Week’s MRO Americas and the Diversity Org will expose these students to higher earning jobs and help them discover their most suitable careers.